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Cancellation Policy

Here at Liv Salon, we have a 48-hour cancellation/rescheduling policy. Your appointments are very important to us as they are reserved specifically for you. We understand that personal things come up and adjustments may be necessary. Cancellations within 48 hours are difficult to fill, which is why we have implemented this policy. When last minute notices are given, you are preventing other clients from being able to fit into that time slot. In the event you cancel within the 48 hour window, 50% of the services scheduled will be charged to your card on file. 

Non-cancellations (no-shows)

When an appointment is scheduled and you do not show up, you are automatically marked as a no-show in our computer and 50% of your scheduled services will be charged to the card on file.

Late Guest Policy

We understand that life happens. If for any reason, you believe you will be arriving late to your appointment, PLEASE call us! We work hard to schedule the necessary amount of time needed for each service. Accommodating late arrivals is sometimes impossible without disrupting other clients scheduled that day. Please be aware that if you do arrive late, we cannot guarantee that your full service will be performed that day. In some cases, tardiness may require rescheduling your appointment for another day.



As a courtesy, we will email to confirm five business days prior to your appointment date if we have your email on file, otherwise we have a text sent out two days prior to your appointment.  We do this in advance because we understand how easy it is to forget appointments that were made months ago. However, if we are unable to reach you, we will leave a message. Please understand that it is your responsibility to remember your appointment date and time to avoid late arrivals and missed appointments.

Re-work Policy

At Liv Salon, we stand behind our work 100%. If you happen to be unsatisfied with your hair, we ask that you contact us immediately so we can resolve any issues. Adjustments will be honored as long as we are contacted within 7 days from your original service. If you call and/or schedule beyond this time, or reschedule the appointment, your service will no longer be considered a “redo” and charges may apply. We also ask that you refrain from trying to resolve it yourself or go to another salon as we will not be able to perform the complimentary rework appointment.


Child Policy

As a courtesy to other salon guests, and in our efforts to offer a relaxed and professional atmosphere, we ask that you are aware that it is your responsibility to watch your children at all times while in the salon. If you need to bring them while you are having a service done, we ask that they are accompanied with someone to watch them. If this cannot be done, please plan ahead and make sure they have something to keep them entertained while your services are being performed. We ask that they be respectful of our salon entirely including our furniture, the salon floor and the front waiting area.


Specialty Appointments

These appointments are defined as more advanced color and treatment appointments that need to be scheduled for more than 2 hours. If you need to change your appointment time or day, we ask for a call at least 7 days in advance.  If the appointment is cancelled within 7 days of the appointment or is a no call no show, the card on file will be charged 50% of the service total and will be awarded to the stylist who lost earning potential and sacrificed their time.

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